For Employers

Report a Vacancy to WorkingED
Please Send your vacancies to:
We will contact you to discuss whether we are the right partner to support you in filling your vacancy.

If we mutually agree that this is the case we will arrange a meeting with you.

In this meeting we go deeper into the already established profile, personality (soft skills) required of the candidate. We establish an understanding of the culture of your company and current affairs in the organization. If possible, we prefer a brief tour of your company, so that we get a complete picture of your organization. WorkingED will use this knowledge and understanding for good promotion of the vacancy in the respective labour market.
If it appears that WorkingED are unable to fulfil the vacancy, you will be timely informed together with the reasons for this. Together with you we will discuss the possibilities or alternatives to fill the vacancy.

Do you let us do the recruitment for you?

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