For Candidates

WorkingED is specialized in proactive recruitment and selection of highly trained and qualified professionals for the industry in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. With years of experience in the respective countries, we have built an extensive network. Using these resources we effectively find the position that best suits the candidate.

In an open and informal interview, we will with the candidate define his or her wishes and possibilities. Based on this conversation we asses and advise what WorkingED is going to do and in what time frame. The candidate will always be kept up to date on our progress. If we feel that there simply are no options we will also state this. Speed, clarity and openness are very important in our working principles.

In general our candidates are ready for a second, third or fourth career move. They usually have a bachelor and/or university degree or relevant work experience. They are distinguished by their drive, knowledge, expertise and ambition to be successful. Their choice is often determined by the offered perspective and/or the international character of the job content. Financial motivation is generally not the leading reason for a next career step.

All candidate information is treated with the highest discretion. WorkingED will not provide any information to clients or other parties without prior permission.

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