Our Code of Conduct

It is important that the relationship between our client and WorkingED is clear. Therefore, we work on the basis of the following code, so you know exactly what you can expect from us:

  • it is the vision of WorkingED reliability, service, quality and commitment is the only way to maintain the relationship with a customer.
  • we consider all information relating to our client and candidates as strictly confidential.
  • we only accept orders which we believe we are able to implement. If there are doubts whether a task is feasible, we will make special arrangements in advance.
  • we undertake, should a candidate leave the company within six months after entering, we will search for new candidates with the right qualifications, in accordance with the warranty set out in the offer.
  • we believe that a customer should only pay the total fee when a selected candidate has actually signed a contract.
  • we do not take the initiative to lead Employees from one of clients to another.
  • we continue to ensure that all parties concerned are satisfied that the correct choice has been made. To ensure this we have an evaluation after one month and six months.
  • we work according to the application code of the Dutch Association for Personnel (NVP).

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