Working at WorkingED

Working at WorkingED means having pleasure in your work . Pleasure in your work stimulates passion and a good feeling, which we believe is the start of success. We pay attention to the person behind the person and ensure that there is room for personal development .

In WorkingED we are collegial and we are ready to help each other. We also respond to everyone's responsibility to serve our clients and find humour on the work floor very important.
We expect you to be flexible and not have a 9 to 5 mentality .

We stimulate out of the box thinking, a never give up mentality and are open for fresh ideas. We are creative, honest and have a no-nonsense attitude .

We strive for a good result and a long-term relationship with our customers, by delivering the right candidate or other services. This is how we put bread on our table and (together) enjoy life.
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Junior Recruiter (trainee)

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