Recruitment Services

Our recruiters are experienced specialists in their field. In a tight labour market recruitment plays an essential role. We prepare a promotional advertisement and take care that it is found by the right target group. We also ensure proper communication to the applicants.

Our recruiters advise and support you (temporarily) in your recruitment process. They act as recruiter of your organization, for example in the case of urgent recruitment needs, sickness or maternity leave of your employees.

In practice, these sub-tasks such as preparing a promotional advertisement text, the pre-selection of candidates and/or timely rejecting of candidates. We can take over the entire recruitment and selection process from beginning to delivery.

Our approach we will discuss with the client. The client pays only the hours worked by the recruiter. The additional costs incurred in the recruitment process including advertising costs, office supplies, travel expenses are for the client.

May we assist you in the recruitment process?

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