Plameco wants to grow further in Germany

Plameco develops and produces high-quality tensioning ceilings. These are sold via franchise partners in the BeNeLux and Germany in particular. Plameco ceilings are in great demand in Germany and are still growing there.

Robert Oudshoorn (Director) says: “The German market is very important to us and an intensive cooperation with our franchise partners plays an important role in this. As a result, we have several Franchise Advisors in Germany who support the partners. In 2017, we suddenly had several personnel issues in Germany. Through a relationship, we were recommended WorkingED – (Inter)national Recruitment. Their contact Erik Dols fortunately speaks Dutch and German and they have an office in Ratingen (Germany). In addition, they offered more favourable rates compared to the other parties we had approached in Germany. After an initial introductory meeting with Erik Dols and Kim Houtvast we immediately had a good feeling. They knew what they were talking about and thought along with us”.

Erik Dols (Managing Consultant) says: “For me it is important that we can communicate openly and directly with a client. In our conversation I noticed that Robert was open to dialogue and that Plameco had grown strongly, but not yet. I myself have worked for several years as an HR Manager in German-Dutch companies and I enjoy being at the side of companies and sharing my knowledge and experience. We set to work and have filled several vacancies for Plameco in Germany and the Netherlands”.

Robert Oudshoorn adds: “The candidates that are presented mostly meet what we are looking for, that surprises me every time. We barely cared, WorkingED takes all the work out off our hands. All we have to do is have an interview and make the contract. I like the fact that Erik thinks along, gives his opinion and is critical, also with regard to the candidates. In short, I can recommend WorkingED to any company”.

Scholt Energy and WorkingED – (Inter)national Recruitment celebrate their five-year collaboration!

In the past 15 years, Scholt Energy Control has achieved many milestones. When it was founded, the focus was on supplying electricity to ‘cold’ stores in the Netherlands. Soon the focus was broadened to the supply of electricity and gas to all large business companies in the Netherlands, resulting in a rapid increase in market share.

In 2015 they also decided to enter the German market. With the establishment of Scholt Energy GmbH, Scholt supplies electricity in Germany and a German team was set up.

Over a recommendation from their network, they came into contact with WorkingED – (Inter)national Recruitment. After an extensive discussion, the WorkingED team went in search of the first employees in Germany. With WorkingED’s knowledge of the labour market and the German language, they were able to switch quickly.
Appropriate advice about the employment conditions also contributed to a quick start.

Looking back on that phase Erik Dols says: “We are often approached by Dutch companies that want to establish themselves or become active in Germany. Often these companies simply want to copy their Dutch employment conditions to Germany. Unfortunately this does not work! The differences are too big, travel expenses and/or occupational pensions are arranged completely differently, gross salaries are often higher than in the Netherlands, etc. We have also discussed this with Scholt and they have taken this advice to heart”.

“The Scholt team in Germany now has 35 employees and WorkingED has played an important role in this. The objective for the coming year is to double this number. Here we really need the expertise and decisiveness of WorkingED. The labour market in Germany is still difficult when it comes to finding good commercial people”.

Erik Dols: “We are proud to contribute to the international growth of Scholt in Germany and Austria. He sees Scholt as an innovative company with many young people who are given the space to develop themselves.